Our goal is that we should be able to make Christian Education available to all who want it. There is to be no selection of pupils on the basis of academic ability or financial status.

Our basic aim is to enable Christian parents to fulfil their God-given mandate to bring up their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We see our responsibility primarily to such parents, but as far as it is compatible with our basic aim we would seek to be open to pupils from families of any or no faith.

While trying to be open to pupils of any ability we must recognise that in some cases of special learning needs it may not be possible for the school to meet such needs properly.

It is seen to be best for pupils to join the school in P1, since this enables pupils to develop a Christian perspective on all their learning and to develop Christian attitudes and values in a natural way. If pupils are joining the school later, they may not find it easy to pick up on all these perspectives and values despite the fact that the rest of their education is sound. However, we would welcome new pupils at any stage of their learning career.


In assigning places for pupils, places will be given in the order of the date of receiving the application forms. (In the following please read parents/parent/ or guardian whichever is applicable.) The normal admissions procedure is that after initial contact is made:

  1. The school will send out leaflets about the school.
  2. The parent(s) will be invited to either the School Open Day or to meet with the teaching staff or board members in the school.
  3. The parent(s) will be given the full prospectus and application form and should fill in the application form to proceed with the application.
  4. The parent(s) will be invited to arrange a time for a visit from the Board. This might be with or without the pupil(s) concerned.
  5. A visit by two Board members will explain the responsibilities of parents, answer any questions and ascertain whether parents should be associate or full members of the association.
  6. If no special circumstances arise these board members may offer a place. If any special circumstance arise the interview will be reported on to the next board meeting who will make the final decision as to whether a place can be offered.
  7. The possibility of the pupil(s) attending lessons for a day or part of a day will be made known to parents.
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