Thoroughly Preparing the Next Generation

Mannafields Christian School provides a Christ-centred education for children from P1-S2 in the heart of Edinburgh.

Our school provides a high quality curriculum that follows all the guidelines for the National Curriculum for Excellence and also gives a solid grounding in the character and Word of God. We teach our children to a high standard that prepares them for life in the “real world” by building a solid foundation on the Bible and academic skills.

Small class sizes and composite classes enable the teaching staff to provide individual care that develops each child’s talents and abilities while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for adulthood.

We value pupils from all backgrounds and have a great family atmosphere in the school. Our aim is that all parents who wish their child to receive a Christ-centred education should be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation. To this end, we offer bursaries to those who need them.

Mannafields also offers support to families who home-school.

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