Fees and Bursaries

Christian Schools in Scotland are not subsidised by the State. The full-time staff receive professional salaries and there are the usual costs associated with the provision of high quality education. Guidelines are therefore given to all parents, who are asked to make a realistic monthly contribution to the cost of the education of their child(ren).

The cost is £300 per pupil per month for 12 months of the year. Third children at the school are offered a 50% discount, and fourth and subsequent pupils in the school attend for free.

No child will be excluded on the basis of low parental income, as we recognise both the importance of God’s directive to correctly educate our children, and the fact that some parents can make large non-monetary contributions to the School. Pupils who attend at least two full days a week may be eligible for means-tested bursary support. For information about available bursaries, please contact the School or download the Mannafields Application form.

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