We are a school where God and His Word take central place. We seek to know God’s Word and God’s world. After all, creation is held together in Christ, so no subject – scientific or artistic – can be separated from His revelation of Himself.

Children are taught in small groups with extremely favourable teacher:pupil ratios. They are loved and cared for as individuals. We don’t ‘shelter’ children, but rather prepare them to fulfil their God-given role in society. We encourage all the children to take gradually increasing responsibility for their own learning, to recognise their own talents, and to aim to reach their full God-given potential.

The whole curriculum and way of looking at the world is based on Biblical principle – i.e. the world is God’s and was made by God. He has a plan and purpose for each person in it, all of whom are uniquely loved by Him. We measure all our teaching against God’s Word and show children how His Word applies to everyday life.

We have a firm commitment to personal values such as standards of behaviour, discipline and self-discipline, ethics, manners and practical Christianity. Good communication and collaboration with parents are seen as essential to the school’s ethos, not least as we seek to uphold the values of the family and share in the parental mandate to educate the children.

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