Lizzie Aylett

My older two children attend Mannafields and love the school. We heard about the school through a friend, and initially were not very interested – we did not want to wrap our children in a nice Christian “bubble”, and wanted to be reaching out to society. However, the more we thought about it and discussed it with our friends, the more we realised that it is our responsibility as parents to be nurturing our children and training them up rather than thrusting them into schooling that is at best “multi-faith” and at worst God-hating.

We have indeed found Mannafields to be a secure, nurturing environment that backs up the teaching and morals we have at home. It is in no way a bubble, but strives to prepare the children to live in the world for Christ. We appreciate the personal concern the teachers have for our children as individuals and the way they care for their needs yet push them to do their best and to honour God. The example the teachers set is of the highest standard – and where else would you get the teachers praying for your child on a daily basis?

The small class sizes ensure that each child gets sufficient attention and the family atmosphere means that the children interact with each other regardless of age, gender or background. Although the school does not have the latest in material equipment, the children are getting a good education and are also maturing in character and faith.

Suzanne Simpson

Hello, My name is Suzanne and I am a mum of three children, one who is of school age and attends Mannafields. My daughter is just about to start P5 and really looking forward to the new school year. She spent P1 and P2 in a state school around the corner from me and was very happy there. When her school year in P2 was coming to an end I heard about Mannafields through a friend at my Church. I immediately loved the idea of a Christian education as I was having concerns about the education she was receiving, and her behavior at school. As I said my daughter was very happy at school and learning at a great pace but it was some of the things she was learning that concerned me, and also the behavior and language she was learning from other children. I decided to talk to my daughter to see how she felt and she really loved the idea of attending a Christian school where she could be open about her faith without being worried about being picked on because of it, also in her words “I would love to learn about God at school”.

My husband and I put my daughter into the school for the start of P3. We have never regretted this decision and have been very impressed with the change in our daughter since attending the school. It is so lovely to see her making God the centre of everything. Every week the children are given a memory verse to learn which my daughter enjoys doing and months after learning them she still recites them to me and others. I love to see the smile on her face when she talks to me about her school day and what she has learned, and how her face lights up when she tells me what she has learned about the Bible, God, Missionaries and many other topics. For the last year she has been saying that when she grows up she wants to either be a missionary or a teacher at a Christian school. I realize that we still have the difficult teenage years ahead but I am very thankful to the school for helping me give my daughter such a firm Christian foundation to help her in life.

The school has a great family atmosphere and parents are always welcome at the school and encouraged to take part in events. Recently it was Mannafields sports day at Vogrie country park which I went to with all three of my children. As well as all the sports for the pupils they also had a “toddler race” which all the younger brothers and sister got to join in with. The younger ones enjoyed it and it really helps them feel part of the school before they they have even started. My two year old son often asks me when will he be big enough to go to Mannafields!

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