Home Education Partnership

Every family is different: we all have different values, talents, experiences and priorities. But we all have the same goal as parents – to raise our children as best we can, to develop their individual potential and skills. Mannafields exists to aid parents in that task, whether through full-time schooling, part-time home-education partnership or individual classes.

We know that each family has different needs, and so we provide flexible options to enable parents to choose the form of education that suits their child. With over 25 years of experience teaching children from ages 5-14, we ensure that pupils receive excellent tuition and individual care and nurturing.

Our small class sizes and diverse student base provide a safe and stimulating learning environment, whilst our project-based curriculum encourages the development of individual interests and high academic standards.

At the heart of our school ethos and curriculum is a commitment to teaching our students from a Christ-centred, Biblical perspective. This is the foundation for each lesson and our teaching staff live out the ethos in their attitudes and interactions with the students.

We believe that parents are the most important educators in their children’s lives, and so we welcome parental involvement in all areas of school life.

Mannafields works with parents to thoroughly equip the next generation with the skills, academic ability and character that they need make a difference in this world.

Please download a copy of the Mannafields Home Education Partnership Prospectus.

Mannafields offers a flexible programme of individual classes to assist parents in home-educating. If you are interested in a specific class, please contact us.

In addition to the option of attending individual classes, we welcome part-time students who attend for full days in conjunction with home-education. We work together with parents to put together a suitable curriculum to ensure continuity of academic standards and full coverage of all subjects.

There is the potential for limited pre-school provision upon discussion with the teacher.

Study Option Price
Individual subject £5 per subject per week, payable termly (Science £15 per month)
Subsequent sibling 20% reduction for each child
Full day £20 per day, payable termly (Fridays £10 for a half day)
Distance Learning support Price on discussion with school

Pupils who attend at least two full days a week may be eligible for means-tested bursary support.

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