We have a clear Christian philosophy of education, which acknowledges God as the ultimate source of all subjects, wisdom and understanding. Pupils are shown how God’s Word is relevant to all areas of learning, life and experience, gradually building a Christ-like world-view which will help them to handle an increasingly secularised world.

The integrated curriculum covers all areas necessary to ensure a good all-round schooling. The core work is organised on a project basis. Fifteen projects on a three-year cycle are all based on aspects of the character of God. The whole school studies the same theme, which is treated differently for the various ages and stages. In addition core language and maths work are consolidated using published graded schemes. During the course of the week the children may also elect to learn a musical instrument.

Teaching is in line with the government’s ‘Curriculum for Excellence’, ensuring a smooth transition into further studies and readiness for the choice of academic subjects.

It embraces:

  • Language
  • Maths
  • Environment and Social Studies
  • Science and Technology
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Craft and Artistic Work
  • Music and Drama
  • Outdoor and Physical Education activities
  • French

The school makes use of recognised learning programmes, modern audio-visual facilities, schools’ broadcasts and computer-aided learning, together with visits to places of interest which complement project-based work.

Extra-curricular activities normally include social events and a trip to an Outdoor Centre for older pupils.

As the children reach the upper years of primary and secondary, individual subjects become more clearly defined, in preparation for their graduation from Mannafields. Here they are taught the usual range of subjects, still from the Christ-centred perspective.

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